Diversity: The purpose of the Diversity Committee, as an agent of the Human Services Council, is to be a catalyst for cultural competency in the greater C-U community through the dissemination, promotion and acquisition of best practices of inclusion and diversity. A Diversity Cafe, a forum for HSC members, will be held in late May of 2013.

HSC members interested in being a part of this exciting event, and willing to make a commitment for the next few months, are welcome and encouraged to join the Diversity Committee. Contact committee chair, Kathie Spegal, for more information.

Members include: Kathie Spegal, Teri McCarthy, Sherry Faulkner, Samantha King, Tracy Dace, Shandra Summerville, Grace Mitchell, Kelly Formoso, Yara Mekawi and Julie Munoz-Najar

Forum: organizes community forums on human service issues pertinent to Champaign County.

Legislative: keeps the Council informed of current and up-coming legislative issues related to human services.  Develops concepts for future legislative forums or other events.

Media: assists with the promotion of the Human Services Council and HSC sponsored events by developing and distributing flyers, forms, and handouts, updating the HSC web site and contacting various media outlets to get the word out about HSC and upcoming events. The Media Committee also assists with the annual updating of the Community Media Directory, a resource listing of print and broadcast media in and around Champaign County.

Media Committee Chair: Amy Wolfe     Members: Rick Krandal, Nicki Hillier, Mary Anne Wilson

Membership: This committee is focused on reaching out to employees from human services agencies, and to further develop a diverse membership.  Invitations and membership brochures were recently mailed out to agencies and organizations in Champaign County.  For membership questions or to join HSC, contact Andrea Young by e-mail at:

Workforce Development: initially established in the fall of 2000 as an ad hoc committee. Primary functions include: the exchange of employment related information affecting adults and youth who are entering or currently in the workforce; accessibility issues affecting individuals with/without special needs who face extraordinary or invisible barriers to employment; and understanding policies, laws, and acts affecting the residents of Champaign County.

Budget/Audit: sets the budget for each year and audits the books at the end of the fiscal year.